Friday, February 15, 2008

Seven (Weird) Things That I Love

I was tagged by Creating Cupcakes
Seven Weird Things That I Love:

  1. I love stale marshmallows, Stale Peeps, & Stale Circus Peanuts
  2. I only eat cereal without milk
  3. I love cleaning out drier lint
  4. I love getting the mail... even if it is just junk mail, I look forward to getting it anyway.
  5. I love to eat cooked macoroni noodles with no sauce
  6. I love to vaccuum
  7. Sitting in hot cars
I will pass the love for weirdness on to: anyone who wants to play.


Creating Cupcakes said...

I love cleaning out lint too! Cute heart pizzas!

Patti Smith said...

I also love stale marshmallows (I would get frustrated in WA because it was too moist for them to get very stale), cooked macaroni with no sauce and getting mail. Fun list!