Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I had so much fun making these pirate paper wall hangings for my friend's little boys room. I hope you like them Jamie!

Sorry about the photos... they aren't crooked in real life!


vana chupp said...

Thanks for stopping by! Good to see new people! Keep checking in i will be hosting a giveaway soon!


vana chupp said...

thanks for stopping by! Good to see new people!

bgerson said...

so cute! Her boys will *love* them!

The Seeley Family said...

Hey Emily, it's Jennifer Seeley (Swanbeck). I always knew that you were artistic, but WOW! You are really good at what you do. Everything looks amazing.

Shandi Brown said...

Will you stop!! You are making me so jealous of your talent!! You are amazing and I wish I could be so creative and artistic. Thanks for posting them, because I love seeing it!