Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tag, I'm It!

My friend tagged me.
Here's how it works. I typed the answers to the following questions in Google and searched the images that came up as results. I then selected one image for each answer from the first three pages of results. Let's see how I did.

My Name: Emily

Do you remember hurricane Emily?
Last Name: Call
Age: 28
Current Mood: Sleepy
College Degree: Well, I haven't finished college, but I was going into Storybook Illustration
Bad Habit: I hate that I bite my nails when I get anxious.
Favorite Food: mmmm... yummy Bowtie Pesto Pasta
Favorite Treat: I love tootsie rolls
Past Pet: I have never really had a pet, but my little brother had an iguana named Scuffy.
First Job: I worked for my dad. He owned his own printing company. I got to know the printing press a little too well and a young age. ;)
Favorite Vacation Spot: New York City
Place I would like to visit: Paris

I am tagging Creating Cupcakes.


Megan said...

Nicely done, Em. I learned some fun things about you with this one. :)